Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Story Update and News

Back up with a new story after a long break from writers block and tight work schedules. It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to do with this section. I knew what I wanted, and there have been some changes. But everything seems to be working out now.

My schedule is very busy. (I'm actually working overtime) So I can't say that I'll be doing any kind of regular updates in the near future. But Caden's story is far from finished, and I still be updating when I can. So please subscribe to the story to know when an update is available.

Here in Japan, Cherry Blossoms are a really big deal, but there was a lot of rain this year, so the season passed quickly. Even still, I found the time to get out on a few nice days.

They are pretty, and it's a great time if you enjoy taking long walks and absorbing the scenery. Also a friend came down to visit from Hiroshima. 

And we had a gorgeous sunday with really nice weather. So we went to see some of the sites in Yamaguchi. The most famous is the five story pagoda. We got a little side tracked trying to find it, and wandered through a buddhist temple, and an old graveyard (From before they cremated everyone), but finally we arrived, and it was worth the search.