Wednesday, April 9, 2008

No Post

No post yesterday, that's because a lot of my classes all wanted to reschedule for wednesday this month. With my new class schedule, I have to leave my house by 8:30 am and I don't get back till 10:00 pm. (All Japanese time.)

Now, I don't work that whole time, that day only counts as a nine hour work day. But anytime between classes is spent driving to the next class.

So until I can get a buffer of updates up, you can expect a period were I don't post everyday. Life will just sometimes get in the way.

Updates on the story, Caden is better, and will soon be leaving his house again. I'm also starting a new system for labeling the chapters. Before I gave the chapter and section title. But if a reader happens to miss a post, they might not notice that they skipped a post.

So I'm changing the way I title the posts. Starting with chapter 11, I'm going to start numbering the sections. The section numbers will reset with every new chapter.

Chapter 11-1
Chapter 11-2
Chapter 12-1