Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I hate moving

There is nothing worse then moving. Sure, at first it seemed like fun when I was 18 and going away for college.

Didn't mind having to move everything back for summer, then again for the new school year. Didn't mind switching dorms for the next summer. Thought it was great to move to my first apartment for my third year. Each year after that, I moved to a new place, each better then the last. It was great back then.

It was slightly annoying moving out after college. (I didn't want to leave the city.) But it was necessary, so okay.

Then in the past 13 months, I've had to move 6 times... Now I'm being forced to move again. So 7 times in 13 months. Wheee...

And the new place is horrible compared to my current place. I haven't found a single thing about it to actually look forward to.

So if you're wondering where those revisions I promised are? I've been given two days to move all of my crap and a bunch of stuff left by old teachers. Plus I still have to work every day.